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Eager to learn and loves a challenge, that describes me to the tee. I didn't have a smooth ride into entrepreneurship, in fact I was quite resistant to change. While my high powered corporate days saw me launching major advertising campaigns and flexing my marketing muscles, it wasn't my true calling.

The shift into being my own boss was anything but smooth, when I finally made the leap, I was plagued by a chronic case of second-guessing, shiny-object syndrome, and a battering sense of not enoughness that made everything feel much harder than it should have been.


After changing my habits and figuring out proper discipline, I've managed to truly become a success without constantly getting distracted. If you're reading this, my guess is you're a business owner looking to address the same type of issues. We've all had it ;)

More important than any kind of inspirational quote or mentorship, always remember to look in the mirror and reflect what drives you. Keep that in your mind and you can will make it.

Want to meet more inspirational people, take a look at some of my friends: Mara, Wendy Jarvis, Toby, Zara Chaney.

~ Danny Winters

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Danny Winters


University of Toronto Educated, Worked at Manulife for 10 Years and Finally Settled on Entrepreneurship and Inspiring Others Stuck in the Corporate Rate Race to do the Same.

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